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Check-in opens at least 2 hours before departure for short- and medium-haul flights (domestic and European flights) and closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For long-haul flights (Caribbean and Mauritius), check-in opens 4 hours before departure and closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Evelop operate from following Airport terminals:

Madrid (MAD) Terminal 4

Habana (HAV) Terminal 3

Punta Cana (PUJ) Terminal 2

Cancun (CUN) Terminal 3

It is very important, and your responsibility as a traveller, to have the right documents and to have the minimum basic knowledge about the country you're going to visit. (Entry and departure visas, vaccination certificates, etc.).

The information shown below is merely for guidance; please contact the relevant embassy or consulate sufficiently in advance of your trip to find out about the required documents.

Check required documents

Top destinations

Travelling to Cuba

All non-resident Cubans and foreigners travelling to Cuba are required to have a confirmed return ticket* out of the country.

Travelling to the Dominican Republic

All non-resident foreigners travelling to the Dominican Republic are required to have a confirmed return ticket* out of the country.

Travelling to Mexico

In compliance with the immigration requirements of the Government of Mexico, if you do not have a visa, if you are a European Union citizen and if you are travelling as a tourist, you may not stay in the country for more than 180 days. Border agents may demand to see a confirmed return ticket out of the country (by boat, train, bus or plane) within the abovementioned period. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in you being denied entry to the country and being sent back to the departure airport on the same day. You are responsible for any financial loss incurred by Evelop. Non-EU nationals should check with the Mexican Embassy.

Travelling to Mauritius

The information shown below is merely for guidance; please contact the relevant embassy or consulate sufficiently in advance of your trip to find out about the required documents.

Other countries whose nationals do not require a visa:

Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burundi, Canada, Cape Verde, Chad, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Rwanda, Russia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vanuatu, Vatican City, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Other countries:

Nationals of other countries not listed above should contact the Embassy of Mauritius.

Travelling to Jamaica

European Union nationals may travel to Jamaica with their valid passports, without the need for a visa.

*Please note: The return ticket can be from another airline than the one used to enter the country.
You can find more information about your destination on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:

Information about children travelling alone, infants, pregnant women and passengers with special requirements.

Children travelling alone

At Evelop, we accept children from 5 to 11 years old travelling as unaccompanied minors (UM). Parents or guardians must request the service through our contact form, at least 72 hours before the flight. On arrival at the airport, they must fill in the necessary forms and paperwork for the child's flight. On arrival at the destination airport, the child will be handed over only to the persons specified in said paperwork. Parents or guardians must remain at the airport until the plane has departed. This service costs 50 euros per trip.
* Note: If UMs arriving at Madrid Airport have to catch a connecting flight to another destination with another airline, they must have a person designated by the parents or guardians who will take charge of them upon arrival and be responsible for handing them over to the airline operating the following flight, fulfilling all requirements of the second airline.

Please note:

The Spanish authorities, as from September 1st 2019, will require that all minors of Spanish nationality who travel alone or accompanied by third parties other than any of their parents or legal representative(s) guardian(s), hold a parental permission travel document, which can be requested at the operative units of the Policía Nacional, and also at some operative units of the Guardia Civil, courts, notaries and city halls, by the appearance of any of the legal representatives.
In the case of foreign minors residing in Spain, their legal representatives must address their consular authorities to process complete the necessary paperwork according to their national legislation.
If you wish to obtain further information, please consult the relevant authorities (eg: Policía Nacional, embassies, consulates, etc).

The Mexican government has launched a system to control the departure of minors to foreign countries. Parents of children travelling as UMs (unaccompanied minors) must complete the new SAM form on the website of Mexico's National Migration Institute ('Instituto Nacional de Migración').


Similarly, the Dominican Republic government has launched a system to control the departure of minors to foreign countries. Parents of children travelling as UMs (unaccompanied minors) should look for information on the website of the Dominican Republic Migration Department.

Online application


Newborn babies are accepted on the flight if they have reached seven days of age. Please remember that some countries require a passport or a birth certificate for entry. At Evelop, we're happy to accept your child's pushchair without any extra charge.

Our planes have special rows suitable for seating infants and small children (the bassinet service is available in certain seats with limited places). Therefore, If you're travelling with an infant, and request bassinet services ( subject to availability) please inform travel agency or contact with us through our contact form

If you want to fly with a child restraint device (CRD), please contact us on our contact form
Please remember that these devices must be approved according to aviation authority standards.
Civil Aviation Safety laws do not allow children or infants to be seated on emergency exit rows.

Pregnant women

Evelop does not require any specific authorization before 28 weeks of gestation (although remember that in the IATA Medical Manual recommends this authorization after 28 weeks).
From the 36th week of gestation, IATA (32 in case of multiple pregnancy), recommends not to fly. If you need to fly anyway, you must present a medical certificate issued one week before the scheduled flight date.
Travel is not recommended for:
  • Women as from the 36th week of gestation (32 in case of multiple pregnancy)
  • Healthy newborn babies, within the first 7 days of life.
  • Premature babies must have a medical certificate proving that the flight conditions will not entail risks to their health.

Passengers with special requirements

Persons with disabilities or special requirements will be placed in seats that are considered the most appropriate to their requirements and that are in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety laws. These laws do not allow people with disabilities to sit in emergency rows.

If you need assistance upon departure or arrival of your flight, please head to our contact form or let your travel agency know. This information must be made known at least 72 hours in advance. Please show up at the check-in desks at least two hours before departure flight.

We accept wheelchairs and mobility aids at no extra cost. If possible, the passenger will use their own wheelchair up to the door of the plane, from where it will be placed in the hold. When arriving at the destination and depending on the airport, everything possible will be done to ensure that the wheelchair is available at the door of the plane. Evelop does not accept wheelchairs or mobility aids with spillable wet batteries.

It is not permitted to transport small vehicles powered by lithium batteries, either as hold baggage or as hand baggage. These objects are NOT considered to be mobility aids. Examples include electric scooters, electric unicycles, hoverboards, mini-segways, balance wheels, etc.

Passengers with special requirements

Persons with visual or hearing disabilities travelling with guide dogs on a lead may board the plane with them. To make space for the dog, a window seat in a row next to the bulkhead will normally be allocated.

Evelop accepts, on its flights, breathing aids or oxygen concentrators (CPAP machines) that are autonomously powered by batteries that comply with regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods by air. Under no circumstances may these or other devices be connected to the electrical outlets of the aircraft. This service has no extra cost, but it will require authorisation using our contact form

Please follow the instructions from our ground staff regarding location, as well as the instructions you'll receive from our crew once on board, in order to guarantee a comfortable flight.

Travelling with pets

If you're flying with pets (only dogs or cats are accepted), please make sure you have the confirmed booking issued by Evelop for the transportation of animals. You can request it through our contact form

Evelop allows the transportation of animals as part of applicable excess baggage allowances, with the exception of guide dogs or service animals for the physically disabled and psychological support animals (providing, when necessary, documentation from the medical specialist involved).

The animals must be accompanied by their owners or authorised representatives.

Only animals will be transported as luggage that meets all the entry requirements to Spain from a Third Country in accordance with EU Regulation 576/2013, in addition to company's limitations described in this section, those who do not comply or have an exceptional authorization the Ministry of agriculture will have to go as cargo.

The following animals will not be accepted in the cabin or in the hold:

  • Commercial shipments of pets or shipments considered to be commercial. (More than 5 animals per passenger).
  • Endangered species.
  • Adult carnivorous animals of non-classified species kept as pets.
  • Laboratory animals.
  • Newly-weaned animals.
  • Pregnant animals.
  • Unacceptable animals may be accepted as goods in certain cases, for which you must make the necessary arrangements with the Evelop Department of Goods Carriage.

In addition, Evelop only allows the transportation of the following breeds of dogs in the hold or in the cabin of the aircraft if they are wearing a muzzle (Royal Decree 287/2002):

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Brazilian Mastiff ('Fila Brasileiro')
  • Tosa Inu
  • Akita
  • Inu

Dogs with any of the following characteristics should also wear a muzzle:

  • Muscular bodies, powerful and robust appearance, athletic configuration, agility, vigour and endurance
  • Marked character
  • Chest circumference between 60 and 80 cm; height at the shoulders between 50 and 70 cm, and weight over 20 kg.
  • Bulky, cuboid, robust head; with wide and large skull, and bulging muscular cheeks. Large and strong jaws; robust, wide and deep mouth
  • Wide, short and muscly neck
  • Solid, wide, large and deep chest; arched ribs and muscular and short back

This type of dog should be transported in IATA-approved rigid carriers with metal doors, suitable for air transportation. Wire mesh or welded mesh carriers are not allowed. The state of these carriers will be supervised by our staff and may be rejected if they do not meet the minimum conditions of carriage.

The passenger will be responsible for feeding the animal if necessary. Carriers should be provided with suitable receptacles for food and water, allowing the dog to be fed from outside the carrier. The carrier must be properly ventilated on three sides.

Pets accepted in the cabin

Evelop authorises the carriage of pets in the cabin if the maximum dimensions of the carrier or cage are no greater than 50x40x25 cm (10x16x20 inches), and weigh no more than 10 kg (combined weight of the animal and carrier). These characteristics shall also be applied to emotional support animals (if they exceed these limits, they shall be carried in the hold). Animals must remain in the carrier for the duration of the flight.

This restriction does not apply to guide dogs. Guide animals must be trained to behave appropriately. An animal showing signs of aggressive behaviour or lack of training may not be accepted as a guide animal even if it is assisting a passenger with reduced mobility or is necessary for the passenger's emotional well-being.

Travelling with pets

Animals accepted in the hold

If the measurements of the carrier/cage or the weight of the animal exceed those indicated for carriage in the cabin, they may be transported in the hold, obeying the general requirements and restrictions of the carrier used. The total number of animals accepted on each flight is restricted, so please let us know your intentions as early as possible.

In all cases, the carriage of animals in the cabin or in the hold must respect the entry and departure conditions of each country. In addition, all animals must have their personal identification, which shows their name, age, breed, vaccination status, etc. Please check with your vet before flying and make sure you comply with the customs procedures of each country.

Consult aditional information in:


Once you have checked in your baggage and received your boarding pass, please proceed to the departure lounge. Please:

  • Use the information boards to find out your boarding gate and stay alert for any changes or additional information.
  • Listen to the instructions given by the ground staff, as they are aimed at making the boarding process as smooth and orderly as possible.
  • Have your boarding pass and personal identification ready to show when boarding.
  • If your hand baggage is taken off you at the boarding gate due to its weight or size, please inform the boarding staff about its contents in order to identify any items which may be prohibited from being placed the hold.
  • Once aboard the plane, follow the instructions of the cabin crew.
  • Check Evelop policy on the use of electronic devices on board our planes.

Arrival at destination

Once you have arrived at your destination, if there are any irregularities with your baggage, please contact the baggage office of our ground services company, which will provide you with the appropriate information. Don't forget to collect all your belongings before leaving the plane. They are in you care and Evelop will not be responsible for their loss.

For more information, please see the Baggage Irregularities.

Declaration of Value

You may insure the value of your checked baggage by using this service.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The cost will be 15% of the declared special value.
  • The declared value may not exceed 5,000 euros or equivalent.
  • You must, without fail, present the original receipts of the items you wish to declare in order to objectively prove their actual value.
  • Once you have collected your baggage at the arrival airport, you must confirm that you have received the items in the same conditions as when they were declared. Please let the airline know immediately about any discrepancy by completing a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) at the baggage office of the Evelop Airlines ground services company. No claims will be accepted after you leave the baggage reclaim area at the arrival airport.

This service is available directly at the following airports:

Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas Airport, Airport, Barcelona-El Prat Airport, Palma de Mallorca, Airport, Tenerife North, Airport, Tenerife South, Airport, Lanzarote, Airport, Gran Canaria, Airport, Fuerteventura, Airport, Seville, Airport, Alicante, Airport, Málaga, Airport, Cancun, Airport, Punta Cana, Airport, Havana, Airport, Montego Bay (Jamaica), Airport, Mauritius

If you #brand#'s departs from an airport that is not in the list above, please call us at 902 222 008 at least 72 hours before your flight departure, and we will tell you how to proceed, or use our contact form

Declaration of Value form