In-flight entertainment


At Evelop, we want the start of your holiday to be relaxing and enjoyable. That's why we offer our in-flight entertainment services on all our flights.

On flights of between two and three hours in duration, Evelop broadcasts a fascinating 60-minute video magazine with up-to-date content including music, sports, world news, motoring features, nature, science, technology and comedy.

On all flights lasting more than 3 hours, you can also sit back and watch the latest films with leading international film stars.

2. FILMS (NOV 2019 - APR 2020)


Only available on our new A350!
3.- AIRSHOW, un nuevo sistema para vivir el vuelo

We are proud to have WIFI onboard your flight today - so fire up your device and connect with the world below

Simply follow the below steps to connect!

  • Turn on WiFi when your device is in Flight Mode
  • Search for Evelop!Wifi in your available wireless networks
  • Open your preferred browser, it should automatically redirect, but if you aren't redirected then please type or evelop/ into your address bar
  • Click on the 'Go to Internet' button
  • Choose your preferred internet pass.
  • Complete the registration page
  • Pay for your session and then connect!
If you need to return to the WiFi portal and have closed the browser window, simply type or evelop/ into your address bar and the portal window will reappear

Quick tips
  • Make sure your device is set to flight mode
  • WiFi needs to be switched on
  • Turn off background data refresh
  • Turn off autosync, app and system updates
  • Be aware of the size of any email attachments you send or receive - large file download/uploads can impact your overall experience