COVID-19 General Information

Free Travel Assistance Insurance, with COVID-19 coverage
Health reasons why a passenger should not enter the airport
Forms and entry restrictions for different countries
#EvelopTeCuida: new measures to provide you with the highest levels of safety and peace of mind throughout your trip

Free Travel Assistance Insurance, with COVID-19 coverage

Within the reactivation of the Caribbean operations, Evelop airline offers a fully free Travel Assistance Insurance, with COVID-19 coverage with your flight ticket, to offer assistance in your destiny, regardless of the route.

View insurance coverage.

Health reasons why a passenger should not enter the airport

As required by the authorities, upon arrival at the airport, you will have to make a Health Statement

VERY IMPORTANT Please remember that you may be denied access to airport facilities and boarding the aircraft if you show symptoms of COVID-19.

Download here the health statement

Forms and entry restrictions for different countries


Before arriving in Spain, international passengers must fill in the PLC (Passenger Locator Card) on or with SPTH app (you can find it on Google Play and in the App Store). On an exceptional basis, it will be accepted in paper format when it cannot be filled in electronically.


Due to the current situation caused by the health emergency, we inform you that, upon your arrival or departure at the Airport, you must fill in the questionnaire requested by several authorities. To fill it in, please visit:

Dominican Republic

Mandatory guidelines for travellers who enter the Dominican Republic without symptoms from countries with active transmission of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with a link to the PUJ Diagram and a link to download the mandatory form.

Please find detailed below the information on the start-up, as of next November 29, of the Electronic Ticket Portal of Entry and Exit of the Dominican Republic.

This Unique portal will be from that date the means of registration and filling in the information required by the General Directorate of Migration, the General Directorate of Customs and the Ministry of Public Health, of all passengers entering or leaving the Dominican Republic, whether they are Dominican or foreigners.

This digital form will replace the completion of all the physical forms that are required to date. From November 29 to January 1, 2021, the two forms of information filling will be allowed: the current one through physical forms, and the new form through the digital form. As of January 2021, the digital filling of this form will be mandatory and exclusive. This form must be filled out prior to the passage of passenger migration. The form is accessed through the following link:

That page also contains detailed steps for filling it out and is in English and Spanish. In the link below, you will find a section with frequently asked questions:


Please fill in the mandatory form

We inform you that the Cuban Government has communicated that, as of the 10th of January 2021, they will request a negative PCR result that has been carried out no more than 72 hours prior to entry to their country, regardless off the hygienic-sanitary measures already in place within the borders of the country.


You can check the updated travel restrictions by country at the following link:

#EvelopTeCuida: new measures to provide you with the highest levels of safety and peace of mind throughout your trip

Health and hygiene regulations and measures

Evelop takes care of you during every phase of your trip to offer you the highest levels of safety and peace of mind:


Before you set off, please read this important information carefully:


The Spanish Aviation Safety Agency has restricted access to terminal buildings to passengers with a valid ticket or boarding pass within 6 hours of the scheduled departure of their flight and in the case of minors, people with reduced mobility or any other duly justified cause, to the companions of these passengers who are strictly necessary.

We recommend that you go to the airport well in advance of your flight; different checks are taking place in some countries that can considerably extend the procedures before flying.

When planning your trip, please note that many of the shops and restaurants at the airport may be closed.


As required by the authorities, you will have to make a Health Statement to confirm that: you do not have any symptoms, you have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, you have not been in direct contact with an infected person and you are not in a mandatory quarantine period.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember that you may be denied access to airport facilities and boarding the aircraft if you show symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19.

Additionally, before your trip, please check the current regulations and entry requirements for both the country of departure and arrival of your trip at the following link .

Discounts to carry out your COVID-19 diagnostic test

Continuing with our new #EvelopTeCuida security measures, and thanks to the commercial agreement between Evelop and InterMundial, you can now carry out all the different types of COVID-19 tests at a special price (please note that this discount is only valid for customers who have purchased a flight with Evelop):

  • PCR test: €105*
  • Antigen test: €35
  • Serologic test: €40
*Please remember that tests such as PCR, TMA, ( Transcription Mediated Amplification ) and other equivalent molecular techniques such as R-LAMP,( Reverse Transcriptase Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification ) are the only approved tests that allow you to travel to the countries that require them.

Children under the age of 6 years old will not be required to show their negative test result for active infection for Sars-CoV-2 obtained by any of the mentioned diagnostic tests .

Once you have purchased your flight with Evelop, you will receive, along with your flight documents, an InterMundial coupon with a discount voucher and instructions for its use.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: these tests are only available in Analiza laboratories network distributed throughout the Spanish territory. Therefore, this offer will be not available for tests outside of Spain


Baggage allowed
Hand baggage

In line with health authority recommendations, carry-on baggage permitted on Evelop flights must not exceed 10 kg and measurements of 50×40×25 cm.

The weight and dimensions of your carry-on baggage will be checked carefully at the boarding gate. We ask you to please check in any baggage that exceeds the weight/measurement allowance in advance at our check-in desks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: only one item of carry-on baggage per passenger is permitted. All other baggage (handbags, medicines, briefcases, etc.) in addition to your one item of carry-on baggage cannot be taken on board.

Check the items permitted in your baggage

Please find the checked baggage allowance below:

  • Passengers with a Basic airfare can check in maximum 1 suitcase up to 23 kg free of charge
  • Passengers with an Economic, Flex and Superflex airfare, and Turista Plus passengers can check in maximum 2 suitcases up to 23 kg each free of charge
  • MyEvelop customers can check in up to 27 kg per item of checked baggage free of charge
  • Overweight checked baggage over 23 kg (or 27 kg for MyEvelop customers) and up to 32 kg will be charged at €10 per additional kg


  • No items of baggage may exceed the maximum weight of 32 kg
  • None of these airfares allow additional luggage. It will be only allowed to reach a maximum weight of 32 kg per luggage, paying extra costs mentioned above

The allowance described is valid for adult passengers and children. Infants (from 0 to 2 years old) do not have this allowance, but they will be allowed one piece of hand baggage according to the description above.

Note 1: Special Luggage, in addition to the luggage allowance, and subject to additional charges ( Sport luggage, extra large), must be communicated using our contact form. On some long-haul flights, the acceptance of excess baggage may be subject to space and weight, depending on the nature and operating conditions of the flight. Excess baggage will be paid at the check-in counters.
Note 2: if you are taking a connecting flight or flying with a codeshare airline, please check the allowance accepted by the other airline, as it may be different.
Note 3: depending on codeshare agreements, hold baggage may be checked in up to the final destination.
Check the items permitted in your baggage

Please use a mask that covers your nose and mouth, preferably a surgical one or a superior one, at all times. Remember to bring sufficient masks depending on the duration of the trip and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Children under 6 years old and those who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from the mandatory use of a mask.

If a passenger does not comply with the indicated measures, access will be denied to the terminal building, the aircraft or they will be disembarked if the incident has occurred before the aircraft doors have been closed. Remember that they may be sanctioned if they fail to comply with the measures set out by the State.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember, if you have symptoms, do not go to the airport and get in touch with us.
Changes and Cancellations Policy for passengers affected by COVID-19

In line with our #EvelopTeCuida programme, we would like to let you know that you can change the date of or cancel your flight free of charge, up to 24 hours before your date of departure, in the event you test positive for COVID-19.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service department (971448082 / to change or cancel your flight. You will be asked to submit a document from an authorised centre confirming that you have tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Affected flights: Any flight if the passenger tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Date change: only one free change per passenger on Evelop flight before 31st December 2021.
  • Flight change/cancellation deadline: up to 24 hours before the flight departs.
  • This benefit will be extended to up to a maximum 4 other passengers in the same booking.
  • Required documentation: document confirming a positive COVID-19 test carried out at an authorised centre between 15 days and 24 hours before the flight departs. The company reserves the right to request the original document.

Security measures to be taken within the airport

  • Please ensure that you maintain the safety distance at all times.
  • Remember to practice social distancing whenever you can, keeping at least six feet away from others and avoiding queues and crowds if possible.
  • The use of masks is mandatory at the airport and on board for passengers over the age of 6. The masks must be of a surgical type or offer superior protection without a valve.
  • Distancing and hygiene measures during check-in:
    • Visible floor signage and information posters for passengers highlighting the need to maintain the safety distance when waiting for check-in
    • Availability of hand sanitiser at the airport
    • Protection screens at check-in counters
    • Airport staff with masks and trained regarding the new security measures
    • The disinfection and cleaning of the check-in counters has been reinforced
    • As far as possible, passengers will be assigned seats to ensure greater distancing on board
  • New boarding procedures (remote or using a jet bridge): our airport staff will inform passengers about the new boarding procedure and will monitor proper compliance:
    • Boarding using a jet bridge: Board by areas, starting from the back rows of the aircraft. Ideally, passengers will be instructed to take the window seats first, then the middle rows and lastly the aisle seats. In the middle seat blocks, the middle seats of those blocks must be taken first and then the aisle seats.
    • Boarding in remote areas: An adequate number of buses will be used to ensure the maximum safety distance possible within each of them. Passengers will be instructed to access the aircraft through the front or the rear according to the seat they have been assigned and during the waiting period, passengers will be required to keep the safety distance.

To make your flight as pleasant and safe as possible, the following measures have been taken on our transoceanic flights:

  • Supply of protection set (mask + gloves + disinfectant wipe) to each passenger during boarding.
  • We have increased the stock of cleaning and hygiene products on board (hand sanitiser, gloves, wipes, bin liners to dispose of used gloves, masks and disinfectant wipes)
  • Passenger food trays will no longer be used and everything will be served in sealed boxes made of single-use materials
  • A disinfectant wipe is included in each food box for the passenger to disinfect their hands before the meal.
  • The free bar service is reduced to speed up onboard service and thus limit the time the crew spends in the aisles. Water and juice will thus be offered free of charge with the food and cold snacks service. The cold breakfast service will also include a free coffee and tea service. Other drinks (soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits) will be subject to charge.
  • Cash payments will no longer be possible on board and only credit cards may be used as a method of payment. Receipts will no longer be printed on board. Passengers may request them on the website after their flight (
  • Menus and magazines have been removed from seat pockets; they will now be available in digital format on the seat screens or may be downloaded with a QR code at the airport check-in counters
  • In the A350 aircraft fleet, you may access the films and games content by synchronising your smartphone with your seat screen, thus avoiding having to touch the screens
  • All our crew members wear the necessary protection equipment and have received detailed training to apply the protocols established by the health authorities in case they detect someone with symptoms during the flight.
  • Our main suppliers have health and hygiene certificates in compliance with new regulations
  • The air within the aircraft is renewed every 2-3 minutes using HEPA air filters, which eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from the recirculated air
  • The on-board sales service of duty-free products is temporarily unavailable

Important information for after your flight.

  • Passengers are required to undergo the health checks required by the authorities and comply with all preventive measures upon arrival at their destination. Please check entry restrictions via this link .
  • at the baggage claim area, we remind you of the importance of keeping a safe distance at all times
  • access to the terminals is restricted to passengers and crews, so if someone is going to pick you up, please remember they need to wait for you outside
  • Full disinfection of the aircraft, both of the cabin (passenger cabin, cockpit, toilets and crew rest) and the hold:
    • Deep weekly cleanings for each passenger cabin, as long as the plane is flying
    • Using specific products against COVID-19
    • Special treatment on surfaces and toilets