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Mauritius is all about beaches, culture, cuisine, diversity, fun and relaxation. In short, it's the perfect destination for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday where nature, beach life and history are fused to perfection. This year, discover Mauritius with Evelop.

Succumb to the jewel of the Indian Ocean

The country welcomes visitors with open arms. Welcoming and always friendly, the Mauritians are proud of their land, which you can see in the pure affection they have for their natural and historical treasures. In this melting pot of cultures, religions and languages, the islanders make this nation a truly unique, mystical and captivating destination.

And then there's the delicious cuisine, with Indian, Creole, Chinese influences and featuring tropical ingredients, fresh fish, exquisite seafood, exotic fruits and authentic Mauritian spices.

Mauritius: a country that you must visit in order to discover its beauty and hospitality.


Mauritius, a perfect destination for the little ones

Besides being a natural and historical gem with plenty of monuments to admire, the country is a safe and very attractive destination for the entire family, as it boasts an array of services for adults and children alike, whether you're the adventurous type or after a more laid-back type of holiday. In this country, children will marvel at the spectacular Indian Ocean nature. As a family, you'll be able to spot dolphins and whales, see turtles close up, experience jungle adventures, swim in the sea and play in the sand. And to round off the day, chill-out and relaxation are guaranteed.


Enjoy the country as a couple

Mauritius is the perfect destination for unwinding with your other half. Whether you want some romantic contemplation or adrenaline-packed adventures, the island has a host of experiences that both of you will enjoy to the full. These include taking part in water-based sports to discover the stunning marine flora and fauna, exploring the Mauritian jungle, savouring the many tastes of the country's delicious cuisine along with a refreshing tropical cocktail, or simply unwinding by the hotel pool and admiring a picture-postcard sunset.


Discover the depths of Mauritius

Mauritius is situated in one of the oceans with the most diverse and fascinating fauna and flora on Earth: the Indian Ocean. Sharks, whales, dolphins, thousands of varieties of fish and coral reefs make the coastline of this country a feast of colours and shapes that can only be admired if you're underwater. Almost entirely surrounded by a coral reef, the island is the perfect place for snorkelling or scuba diving, taking you down to a stunningly mysterious world. What's more, the calm waters on the surface protected by the coral reef are ideal for kayaking, sailing or even windsurfing.


Mauritius, the Indian Ocean's golfing capital

Mauritius is an ideal destination for golf lovers. It boasts eight 18-hole and five 9-hole courses, all of which are located in privileged areas with all amenities at hand. This passion for golf is nothing new, though, as Mauritius was the third country in the world in which golf was played, back in 1844 - the first golf course having been built by the British in 1902.


Because this island of beaches has more than just beaches

Mauritius is pure nature. With inland rainforests covering more than 500 hectares, the country embraces an almost hidden world of green, refreshed by stunning waterfalls and inhabited by mammals, reptiles and birds that make up a truly unique ecosystem which is well worth exploring. Hiking, adventure sports, bird watching and tropical flower spotting are just some of the activities on offer at the country's many national parks. Canyoning, trekking, parachuting or even just guided hikes are the best ways to explore Mauritian nature.


When you're booking your flight to Mauritius, check out these helpful hints for travellers.

The official currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR). Its symbol is Rs. Each rupee is divided into 100 cents. We recommend taking euros and changing them into the local currency at either hotels or banks.

Mauritius is two hours ahead of Madrid between May and October.

There are no entry or departure fees.

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